Zolotarenko Julia Gennadievna

Doctor-stomatologist-therapist, orthodontist of the medical center "Certus".

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2003-2008. - Donetsk State Medical University. M. Gorky, specialty "Stomatology".

2008-2010. - Donetsk State Medical University. M. Gorky, internship in the specialty "Stomatology".

2013 - Donetsk National Medical University. M. Gorky, attestation in the specialty "Therapeutic dentistry".

2015 - Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, specialization "Orthodontics".

Courses in therapeutic dentistry:

  1. Direct composite restorations of the frontal group of teeth (composite veneers); Donetsk, 2009
  2. Suhadnі methods of diagnostics in stomatologic practice (Vista Proof, Vista Scan Mini, Vector); Donetsk, 2010
  3. X-ray diagnostics for the orthopantomograph dopomogo ta cone-promenovogo computer tomograph; Donetsk, 2010
  4. Free design in the restoration of the front and side teeth; Donetsk, 2011
  5. The Proteiver Versatile system in action; Donetsk, 2012
  6. Especially the transitions of rotational NiTi-instruments Mtwo, a block of root channels. Трьохвимірне пломвання кореневих каналів thermoplastic гутаперчею for допомогою приладів BeeFill та BeeFill Pack. Stitching ultrasound in endodontics; Donetsk, 2011
  7. Non-surgical periodontics. Taktika lіkuvannya hvorih іz zahchyvovannami tkanin parodontu; Donetsk, 2012
  8. New complex of endodontic procedures; Kiev, 2015

Courses in orthodontic dentistry:

  1. Features of diagnosis and treatment principles pathologists of the 2nd class; Kharkov, 2013
  2. Features of diagnosis and treatment principles of pathologists of the 3rd class; Kharkov, 2013
  3. Non-removable orthodontic technique. Practical aspects; Kharkov, 2012
  4. Diagnosis of dentoalveolar anomalies. X-ray diffraction analysis. Orthodontic and orthopedic treatment planning; Kyiv, 2012
  5. The Damon system; Kharkov, 2012
  6. Passive self-ligation: Are you finding finishing hard to do ?; Kharkiv, 2014
  7. Likuvannya pathological class II. Forsus; Kyiv, 2015
  8. Early interception of complex malocclusions with dentofacial orthopedics; Kyiv, 2015
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