Estimated costs of dental services

Withdrawal of dental deposits by an ultrasound scaler of 440
Removing dental deposits from all teeth of the jaw by an ultrasound scaler and a soda blasting machine, polishing teeth after ultrasound scaling with a brush and paste of 590 - до 950
Shunting of movable teeth 540
Curettage of periodontal pockets of 200 - до 500
Professional Teeth Whitening 2350
Making a kappa for home whitening, re-therapy of 650
Endo bleaching 530
Seal of 630
Restoration of teeth of 650 - до 1540
Temporary filling from glass ionomer cement of 120
Fissure Sealing of 420
Tooth covering by desensitiser of 90
Providing medical care for acute dental pain of 550
Instrumental processing of root canals of 500
Instrument processing of a previously treated root canal 850
Filling the root canal with a hot gutta percha 600
Filling of the root canal by the lateral condensation method 410
Removing a foreign body from the root canal 1300
Extracting the root pin 750
Installing the anchor pin with restoration of the stump of the tooth on the pin of 820
Installing the fiberglass pin of 1170
Making diagnostic models of 300
Making a Kappa 630
Making a temporary crown of 350
One-piece metal crown of 790
Metal Ceramic Crown of 2500
Whole-ceramic crown of 5300
Ceramic insert from ceramic press 4100
Photocomposition tab 1800
Root insert of zirconium oxide 2500
Making and installing a veneer of 6050
Making a partial removable plate prosthesis of 3510
Making a complete removable plate prosthesis of 4000
Removable prosthesis with fixation on implants of 13000
Clasp prosthesis of 6200
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant 3600
Whole-ceramic crown on the implant 6800
Tooth extraction from 450
Atypical tooth extraction from 1600
Removing the 8th tooth from 1000
Removing a baby tooth 200
Surgical lengthening of the clinical crown of a tooth 1100
Treatment of the alveolitis of 210
Periostotomy, opening of abscess 360
Removing the mucosal-periosteal "hood" of 370
Resection of the root of the tooth of 3700
Plasticity of the frenum of the lip of 780
Oral vestibulation from 1870
Plastic Frenzy Language from 1050
Installing the dental implant from 400
Implant opening and setting of the gingiva former of 35
Operation "closed sine-lift" (without material) from 150
Open sine-lift operation (without material) from 350
Alveolar ridge augmentation 150
Soft tissue augmentation from 150
Consultation of an orthodontist 150
Consultation of an orthodontist with the analysis of OPTG, diagnostic models and preparation of a treatment plan. 450
Orthodontic device Bioblock 3000
An orthodontic device with a screw 3500
Orthodontic apparatus of double-jaw action Twin Block 5500
Multifunctional Trainer 3000
Fixation of metal braces (one jaw) 10500
Fixation of ceramic braces (one jaw) 12500
Fixation of sapphire braces (one jaw) 12500
Fixing self-ligating brackets (one jaw) 15000
Elainers 13000
Diagnostics and Treatment Plan for Alainers 1500
A non-removable six-tooth retarder 1050
Removing the braces, polishing the teeth 750
Professional oral hygiene using a bracket system 840
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