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Сertus is the advanced tools and technologies of the world's leading clinics. These are experienced plastic surgeons who will offer optimal solutions. This is a complete course of training and rehabilitation of patients.

Mission of the clinic

We realize the dreams of our patients, helping them to look younger and more beautiful. The precise movements of plastic surgeons remove the shortcomings of appearance, improve beauty and preserve health. Positive results of operations give confidence, add energy and confidence in their strength.
We aspire to be a clinical benchmark and follow modern trends. The successful results of the clinic's work for more than 20 years help to create a positive image of plastic surgery in Ukraine.

Clinic statistics

  • 23+

    year of practice

  • 30 000

    of patients treated

  • 20 000+

    successful plastic surgery

  • 25 000+

    provided cosmetology services

  • 210

    scientific publications were written by our doctors

  • 15

    patents (for inventions) are our surgeons

Stages of clinic development

  • 1994 year – the clinic was opened.
  • 1997 year – The technology of laser skin resurfacing has been implemented.
  • 1999 year – The technology of minimally invasive endoscopic rejuvenating facial operations has been introduced
  • 2003 year – the list of services was supplemented by ENT services.
  • 2005 year – Cosmetological services appeared in the arsenal as an important component of the process of preparation and rehabilitation of patients.
  • 2007 year – The clinic has become the educational base for the postgraduate education of doctors in plastic surgery.
  • 2014 year – the founder and director of the clinic became the president of the All-Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.
  • 2017 year – the Department of Dentistry was opened.

We create more than beauty. We realize your dream.

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