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Biophyto Peeling

Face peeling is a procedure for skin cleansing and removal of dirty and dead cells. One of this kind is phyto-peeling - a surface peeling based on plant components. The gentle effect of phyto-peeling on the skin is its the main feature.

In the clinic "Certus", cosmetologists perform the procedure of biophyto peeling and using the line of professional cosmetics Bio Phyto of the Israeli company Christina. Since the line is designed for sensitive and prone to irritation of the skin, biophyto peeling acts as a non-traumatic method of cleansing and rejuvenating the face. Its use is allowed year-round.

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    How to apply and what are the results?

    biophyto peeling is recommended if:

    • uneven tone and texture of the skin;
    • Couperose (enlargement of thin vessels);
    • propensity to pustules (acne);
    • a pale and tired face.

    Biophyto Peeling preparations include hydroxyl acids, vitamins and extracts of medicinal plants, therefore they act in a complex way in several directions:

    • cleans the pores, regulate the function of the sebaceous glands;
    • have antibacterial and antimicrobial effect;
    • improves blood circulation, saturates cells with oxygen;
    • promotes regeneration, the formation of a new skin epithelium;
    • makes narrow the capillaries and gives a cooling effect;
    • moisturizes and nourishes the skin

    The list of contraindications: increased dryness of the skin, open wounds on the face, uncompensated hypertension, diseases of blood vessels.

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    How passes the procedure at the Certus clinic?

    In our clinic, the phyto-peeling service consists of 4 stages:

    1. Cleansing, toning and softening of the skin.
    2. Peeling mask.
    3. Soothing, regenerating mask.
    4. Moisturizing, photoprotective cream.

    The doctor-cosmetologist diagnoses the skin condition and determines the frequency of seances in order to achieve a lasting effect. Due to the active influence of natural components, the effect after biophyto peeling is seen the day after as it carried out:

    The skin is smooth and has a healthy look;

    • Growth skin tone, elasticity and elasticity;
    • disappears the greasy shine;
    • extinguishe the inflammatory processes;
    • the pores are narrowed;
    • the capillary grid is less revealed.

    Biophyto Peeling - is a delicate and safe type of peeling, which gives visible results after the first procedure. Repeat seances, professional skin care at home, will help to strengthen and fix the effect.

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