Coral peeling (Rose de Mer)

Coral peeling (Rose de Mer)
Coral peeling (Rose de Mer)

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Coral peeling

What coral peeling is?

Medial peeling is 100% natural peeling, which provides a deep influence on the face without causing the chemical damage. In the clinic "Certus" for coral peeling, are used the cosmetics Rose de Mer by the Israeli company Christina. This professional line of drugs combines the properties of mechanical cleaning and the dignity of chemical peeling. But this line does not provoke skin burns and coagulation (clotting) of the protein.

Peeling "Rose de Mer" – it’s a mix of herbs, sea salts, algae, and shredded corals.

Principles of active peeling components:

  1. micro-grinding - cleaning the surface layer the epidermis of the skin;
  2. moderate drying up the cells, which contributes to their rejection;
  3. activation of blood microcirculation, resolution of subcutaneous hemorrhages, strengthening of capillary walls;
  4. biostimulation of natural recovery of cells and skin fibers.
  • When to apply? Open or Close

    When to apply?

    Coral face peeling recommended when:

    • Superficial wrinkles;
    • Loss of tonus and turgor;
    • Hyperpigmentation;
    • Cicatricial formations and stretch marks;
    • Acne, post-acne, enlarged pores.

    General contraindications: herpes, demodex, acute kuperoz, damage to the skin, pregnancy, lactation. We do not recommend peeling during the summer season.

  • What are the results? Open or Close

    What are the results?

    A single procedure of coral peeling gives noticeable results of updating the upper layers of the skin. Long-term effects of exposure are achieved with the passage of 3-4 seances. They are next:

    • reduction look of wrinkles and lines;
    • normalization of the sebaceous glands;
    • narrowing of dilated pores;
    • Reducing traces of hyperpigmentation;
    • smoothing the tone and texture of the skin;
    • Face lifting.
  • Procedure in the clinic "Certus" – how is it? Open or Close

    Procedure in the clinic "Certus" – how is it?

    Before the procedure will start, the cosmetologist have to assess the skin condition, exclude contraindications, decide whether to clean before exfoliating. In the end – cosmetologist will explain what the consequences are, how the recovery period is going, what includes the home care after the coral peeling.

    Stages of the procedure:

    1. Cleansing and preparing the skin with a special disinfectant soap.
    2. Natural coral peeling. The depth and strength of the peeling action depends from the intensity and duration of the application, during which the skin heats up and turns red. Increases the blood circulation, increased heat stimulates the skin microtrauma, triggering regeneration processes.
    3. Soothing mask - reduces pores and keeps active components.
    4. Protective gel - creates an insulating layer and has an antiseptic effect.
    5. Photoprotective cream - soothes and protects the skin.

    Coral peeling acts as an alternative to acidic chemical peeling. It does not require serious pre-peel preparation. During the procedure, the doctor controls the degree of penetration of active substances. This is a safe skin exfoliation of the face with the achievement of therapeutic and rejuvenating effects.

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