Median peeling with trichloroacetic acid

Median peeling with trichloroacetic acid
Median peeling with trichloroacetic acid

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Median peeling with trichloroacetic acid

Median peeling is a chemical type of peeling, which uses special acids that penetrate deep layers of the skin. In the "Certus" clinic, the medial facial peeling is carried out with trichloroacetic acid for eliminating aesthetic defects and rejuvenate the skin. The second name is TCA-peeling.

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    How does it work?

    Trichloroacetic acid, getting into the epidermis of the skin, causes coagulation of protein structures, which leads to the destruction of old, damaged cells and stimulates the formation of new ones. The depth of penetration the active substances depends from the acid concentration, the number and thickness of the applied layers, the time of exposure on the skin. For TCA-peeling, are used the solutions with an acid concentration of 15-30%.

    Due to the properties of trichloroacetic acid, the medial peeling provides 6 effects:

    1. Keratolytic - loosening, removing the surface layer of the skin - aligns the skin's relief.
    2. Bleaching - exfoliation of the keratinized layers of the epithelium - provides a smooth skin tone.
    3. Komedonolitic - dissolution of fat and dirty - cleans the plugging sebaceous glands, narrows the pores.
    4. Antiseptic - the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms that cause inflammation processes.
    5. Regenerative - stimulation of growth and division of new cells - activates the increase of protective barriers and restoration of skin.
    6. Anti-aging - enhancing metabolism at the cellular level - stimulates the synthesis of fibers the dermal of skin - collagen and elastin.
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    When to apply?

    The indications:

    • small and medium depth wrinkles;
    • scars, uneven skin texture, including after acne;
    • stretch marks after weight loss or pregnancy;
    • pigmented spots, freckles, flat birthmarks;
    • too oily skin with dilated pores.

    Acid peeling has a number of contraindications: pregnancy and lactation; oncology; fresh, pronounced sunburn; a large number of moles; skin diseases; acute inflammatory processes; uncompensated hypertension; epilepsy.

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    How the procedure in the clinic "Certus" is carried out?

    Before TSA-peeling is appointed consultation of the doctor-cosmetologist, which eliminates contraindications, explains what are the before-peeling preparations, the recovery phase, home post-peeling care and possible side effects. Accurately following the doctor recommendations in the period before and after TCA-peeling procedure, the patient enhances the positive effects and reduces the degree of pain feel.

    Median chemical peeling is usually made from October to March, when there is no active effect of sunlight on the face skin. Peeling with trichloroacetic acid requires a careful and competent approach, including controlled and uniform penetration of the acid into the skin. To prevent chemical burns and other complications, we recommend to use use the services of a specialist who has received special training.

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