Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation

FUE Hair Transplant at Certus Clinic [2020]
Hair transplantation before and after

Hair transplantation before and after

*The effect, result, risks, and recovery period depend on the individual peculiarities of the human body.

Such problem as hair loss and baldness of different severity extent is relevant for both men and women. This phenomenon can be provoked by various reasons: chronic diseases, heredity, age-related changes, injuries. Using even high-quality cosmetic preparations and products, the situation can be slightly improved, partially stopping the hair loss. This will have no effect. As a result, huge expenditures for expensive procedures and subsequent disappointment. In the case of treatment of alopecia, the most effective method is hair transplantation. The Medical Centre ‘’Certus’’ provides the mentioned service using the safest modern technology – microtransplantation, which ensures an effective result.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure

Indication for hair implantation is intensive hair loss itself – more than 100 hairs per day. In this case, we are talking about baldness, which can be diagnosed by a trichologist based on the results of a patient’s examination. Besides, he notices the degree of the pathology and tries to investigate its causes.

A hair transplant procedure is being done in case if the conservative treatment did not give the required result. It is also necessary if hair growth in the required area is not possible due to tattoos, trauma, burns, and scars of various origins.

Hair implantation has several limitations. The list of relative contraindications:

  • diabetes;
  • oncological diseases
  • cardiovascular pathology;
  • hypertension;
  • dermatological diseases.

In such cases, hair transplantation can be performed, but the number of transplanted hair follicles is usually limited.

There are absolute contraindications to the procedure:

  • anesthesia intolerance;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • blood clotting problems.

Also, the operation is not done for people with such mental disorders as dysmorphophobia (rejection of the features of their own appearance) and an uncontrolled desire to pull out their hair (transplantation will be simply useless).

Features of hair transplantation

The first hair transplantation procedures were quite tough. They suggested taking donor skin grafts and implementing them into hairless areas. Fortunately, modern surgery has gentle methods to overcome baldness. Now they are almost non-traumatic and do not require long-term recovery.

The most advanced hair transplantation technology in the world is FUE (Follicular unit extraction). Exactly this one is used at the medical center “Certus”.

The FUE procedure is performed in the following way. Skin fragments with a diameter of up to 1 mm containing several follicles (usually up to 6 pieces) are taken from the donor’s zone. A unit of such material is called a graft or hair transplant. Each graft is taken individually using a special machine with a rotating punch that is why the technique is also called the “FUE machine”. There are no traces left at the point of the intake, but the density of the hair remains.

Installation of the grafts is carried out using a special implanter, less often – needle and tweezers. The hair retains its colour, growth rate, structure, and waviness (if it was before).

Advantages of the procedure

The hair transplant operation performed using the FUE technology has a considerable number of advantages in comparison with other methods:

  • This implantation method is safe for the patient and does not cause a painful feeling or severe discomfort.
  • Local anesthesia is sufficient for the operation. However, for complete patient’s comfort, the manipulation in most cases is carried out under sedation.
  •  Wounds, swelling, hematomas, headaches, and noticeable scars aren’t  remained after the session. Although the procedure usually lasts several hours, it is completely unlike a normal operation. The doctor does not make surgical incisions that is why there is no need to stitch.
  • There are no traces in the donor area and the density of the hair remains optimal.
  • At one time, you can transplant up to 3 thousand grafts (10-11 thousand hair follicles), which allows us to solve the problem of the baldness of a considerable  skin area.
  • Donor hair will not reject, as it is not foreign. This indicates the high efficiency of the procedure and its sustainable result.
  • The survival of transplanted hair follicles occurs within 10 days.

Thanks to all these advantages, the FUE method is very popular at the moment. It involves performing fine and accurate work, so the doctor must receive special practice and experience in performing such operations.

An effective, less traumatic, performed according to the most progressive method of hair transplantation in Kiev is a service practiced by experienced doctors in MC “Certus”. New equipment and certified preparations are used for this procedure, which ensures the patient’s comfort and health safety.

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Hair transplantation, from

300 €

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What examination and analyzes are necessary?

Do I have to undergo examinations or tests before the procedure?

You can undergo an examination before the operation in our clinic, or at the place of residence.

You need to pass the following examinations:

1. Complete blood count (with formula) + platelets.
2. Blood test for sugar.
3. The coagulation time.
4. Blood test for the Australian antigen, hepatitis “C”, HIV.
5. General analysis of urine.
6. Blood type.
7. Certificate of fluorography.
8. Electrocardiogram.

The cost of the examination in our clinic is 50 €

Is anesthesia included in the cost of the service?

The cost of anesthesia is not included in the cost of the procedure and is paid separately depending on its type and time of its action. In most cases, hair transplantation occurs under sedation.

1. Sedation 50 € / hour (up to 5 hours).
2. Each subsequent hour – 30 €.
3. General short-term anesthesia (up to 2 hours) – 200 €.
4. Each subsequent hour of general anesthesia additionally – 100 €.
5. Local anesthesia – 100 €

After the operation, can I stay at your rehabilitation clinic?

The postoperative period you can spend in our hospital, this service is paid separately – from 100 € to 200 € per day.

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