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Endodontics is the science of anatomy, pathology and methods of root canal treatment aimed at eliminating infection infection within the root canal system. Carried out with inflammation of the nerve of the tooth (pulpitis), with the release of inflammation at the tip (periodontitis) or re-treatment (revision) of the root canals previously treated for certain indications. Endodontia of the tooth is performed with full hardware: apex locator, X-smart apparatus for rotating files, various endodontic rotary systems and manual files, thermoprep-apparatus for heating gutta-percha, which is used for root canal filling. Endo-treatment is under X-ray control.

Prices of treatments
Providing medical care for acute dental pain from 550
Instrumental processing of root canals from 500
Instrument processing of a previously treated root canal 850
Filling the root canal with a hot gutta percha 600
Filling of the root canal by the lateral condensation method 410
Removing a foreign body from the root canal 1300
Extracting the root pin 750
Installing the anchor pin with restoration of the stump of the tooth on the pin of 820
Installing the fiberglass pin of 1170
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