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Periodontics is a section of dentistry that deals with the study, treatment and prevention of periodontal tissues (parodontium) and their pathology. Parodontium refers to all organs and tissues that are placed around the tooth - the gum, bone tissue, which is the root of the tooth and the ligamentous apparatus of the tooth. The most common diseases in periodontics are: gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontitis. It is these diseases that are most often characterized by complaints: "bleeding gums", "bad breath from the mouth." For the treatment and stabilization of the process, a complex of dental activities is used (ultrasound, Air-flow, instrumental and medicinal treatment, and various types of splinting sometimes involving orthopedic and orthodontic rehabilitation are used, but everything is strictly according to the indications...)

Splinting of teeth is one of stomatologic methods of treatment and restoring the health of the dentition. Splinting of teeth is performed by dentists in the case when patients have the pathological unsteadiness, of one or several movable teeth. For getting strength and for saving your own teeth, and prevent their loss, is used method of splinting movable teeth. Teeth splinting is a method of treating periodontal diseases, which makes it possible to avoid tooth loss at patients with severe forms of periodontitis. Splinting of teeth is necessary if the patient has pathological movable teeth. However the splinting allows not only fixing the removable teeth, but also preventing increase inflammation of gum. The indications for performing the splinting are much wider than just eliminate movable tooth.

Splinting of teeth is appointed when:

  • bleeding gums;
  • deep dentogingival pockets;
  • exposure of the roots of the teeth;
  • excessively rapid occurrence of dental deposits.
Prices of treatments
Withdrawal of dental deposits by an ultrasound scaler of 440
Removing dental deposits from all teeth of the jaw by an ultrasound scaler and a soda blasting machine, polishing teeth after ultrasound scaling with a brush and paste from 590 - to 950
Shunting of movable teeth 540
Curettage of periodontal pockets from 200 - to 500
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