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Nipple Correction/Areola correction

Surgical correction of the areola or areola surgery is an operation aimed to correct the size and shape of the areola. It can be carried out as a separate surgery or combined with a breast lift, breast plastic surgery or nipple correction.

Areola correction before and after

Areola correction before and after

*The effect, result, risks, and recovery period depend on the individual peculiarities of the human body.


  • Areola asymmetry.
  • Blurred areola zone which does not have clear contours.
  • Large areolas.
  • Areola and nipples disproportion.

General contraindications: mastopathy, cancer, cardiovascular and acute infectious diseases, chronic hypertensive disease, thyroid disorders, diabetes mellitus, blood-clotting disorder, patients under 18 years old, pre-arranged pregnancy, recent lactation.

Methods of areola correction

  1. Circumferential correction is used in order to reduce the size of the areola, two circumferential incisions are made in this case. One incision – along with the contour of the areola, the second incision – closer to the nipple. Excess tissue is removed, the remaining part of the areola is stitched to non-pigmented tissues.
  2. In case of sector or partial correction (resection), a triangular piece of the areola is removed and the incision edges are stitched.
  3. During breast lift or breast reduction surgeries, the nipple-areola complex is shifted upwards and excess tissues are removed at this time.

How is the surgery performed in “Certus” clinic?

Pre-surgery examination: 1 hour.
Duration of the surgery: from 30 min. up to 1 hour. The procedure can take place on an outpatient basis (the patient goes home after the procedure) or in a clinical setting (1 day).
Anaesthesis: general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedating medications.
*Recovery period. The stitches are removed in 5-7 days.
*Side effects: reduced breast sensation, slight soreness.
*Risks: infectious complications, reduced sensation, asymmetry, incomplete areola correction, loss of breastfeeding possibility.
*Result: permanent.

*The effect, result, risks, and recovery period depend on the individual peculiarities of the human body.

Consultation holds
Vasyl Pinchuk

Vasyl Pinchuk

The founder of the clinic. Plastic surgeon

Ihor Zolotarenko

Ihor Zolotarenko

Medical director, Plastic surgeon

Oleg Feyta

Oleg Feyta

Plastic surgeon


The cost of the transaction includes:
1) Operation
2) Anesthesia
3) Implants (if used)
4) Compression underwear (if used)
5) Stay in the clinic with meals, round-the-clock medical support
6) Dressings, examinations
7) Medicines
*The cost of several operations in the complex will be lower due to savings on the duration of anesthesia and stay in the clinic.
*Payments are made in hryvnias at the commercial rate of sale of PrivatBank


Название процедуры Цена (грн)
Areola shape correction

700-1300 €

Nipple and areola reconstruction

1100-1600 €

Nipple shape correction

300-350 €

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