Beauty Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are aesthetic procedures providing an opportunity to be rejuvenated without surgery. Various agents based on hyaluronic acid – a natural component for tissues – can be used. As a result, it can handle the problem body areas, as well as age-related changes of the skin in an effective and safe way. Hyaluronic acid is biocompatible with the body cells, so it is absorbed and dissolved after a certain period of time.

Certus clinic offers different types of injection techniques, involving the use of hyaluronic acid. There are:

  • Contour correction. It implies the introduction of gel-like hyaluronic acid-based fillers under the skin. Its molecules are firmly connected, so they dissolve slowly. With the help of this procedure, wrinkles and folds are filled, which gives the volume to problem areas of the face.
  • Biorevitalization. The procedure is carried out in order to enrich the skin with hyaluronic acid. Its molecules are not in close connection. Hyaluronic acid penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, helps to strengthen the synthesis of elastin and collagen. It attracts water molecules to ensure the normal moisture of the skin.
  • Mesotherapy. Biologically active substances are introduced into the skin, commonly they are called “beauty cocktails” in cosmetology. Their composition may be different. There are various components based on polylactic and hyaluronic acids, minerals, amino acids, peptides, vitamins, phospholipids. These agents provoke cell regeneration, stimulate blood circulation, moisturize and nourish the skin, rejuvenate it.
  • Redermalization. The procedure involves an intradermal injection based on a co-formulated agent. It includes hyaluronic acid and succinate (sodium salt of succinic acid). This procedure is carried out in order to rejuvenate the skin, restore its functions and structure.

Certus clinic offers the following types of injections:

  • Botox injections. This procedure implies the introduction of botulinum toxin into the muscle tissue, which helps to stop the passage of nerve impulses to the corrected area for a time. It leads to complete relaxation of the muscles, full smoothing of small lines, and reduction of large ones.
  • PRP-therapy (including plasma lift). The procedure contributes to the revitalization of the skin by the introduction to the patient its native blood platelet enriched plasma.

When to use beauty shots?

Hyaluronic acid injections are recommended for patients with:

  • dry, dehydrated skin;
  • shallow expression lines;
  • uneven relief and complexion;
  • fading, loose skin;
  • skin that has lost its natural elasticity;
  • injured skin after chemical peels, plastic surgeries;
  • pronounced nasolacrimal grooves, nasolabial folds.

General contraindications: cancer, inflammatory skin diseases, active chronic illnesses arterial hypertension, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The advantages of beauty injections

The first positive changes are visible within the first days after the procedure. The maximum effect is achieved within a week. Repeated procedures can help to achieve a long-term effect.

Hyaluronic acid injections have the following effect:

  • smoothed wrinkles;
  • moisturized epidermis;
  • slow skin aging;
  • improved skin elasticity and tightness;
  • tightened skin (skin lifting);
  • even skin tone and texture;
  • restored sebaceous gland function, reduced eruptions, tightened pores.

Such injections have essential benefits due to the special qualities of hyaluronic acid:

  • The recovery period is short.
  • It is possible to correct wrinkles without surgery in a quick way.
  • It is compatible with other aesthetic procedures.
  • Hyaluronic acid is hypoallergenic and body safe substance.
  • The effective result lasts from 6 to 18 months.

How is the procedure carried out in “Certus” clinic?

A patient is consulted by a specialist before the procedure. A doctor determines the skin health, eliminates contraindications, selects the most appropriate method of correction, as well as a specific injection filler and the required number of sessions. The specialist tells the patient about the features of the procedure as well.

Although contour correction, PRP-therapy, botox injections, biorevitalization, redermalization, mesotherapy lead to a similar result, still there are differences in techniques, course intensity, effect duration. Since all these procedures involve the subcutaneous injections, they can be performed only by a certified specialist with experience in the field of injection cosmetology.

Injections aimed at correcting wrinkles help to delay the need to undergo plastic surgeries for a long time. If age-related changes began to bother you and make you feel discomfort, consult an expert in our clinic.

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