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Laser Facial Skin Resurfacing

Laser face resurfacing is a method of rejuvenation by skin exposure with a medical laser. Complex face resurfacing includes laser dermabrasion and laser blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

Laser Facial Resurfacing before and after

Laser Facial Resurfacing before and after

*The effect, result, risks, and recovery period depend on the individual peculiarities of the human body.

Laser technology implies the absorption of a laser beam by the surface layer of the skin, the thickness of this beam is measured in microns. The laser beam transmits a large amount of energy to a microscopically small amount of a tissue in a short period of time (nanoseconds). The result of this process is a micro-break and evaporation of the tissue volume. At the same time, the adjacent skin areas do not heat up. After the evaporation of old cells, skin regeneration and renewal occurs.

Two types of laser are used for laser resurfacing:

  • Erbium laser – creates a less pronounced effect as it penetrates the tissue not so deep, requires a shorter recovery period.
  • Carbon dioxide or CO2 laser – is used for deep penetration with a long recovery period.


  • Mimic and shallow wrinkles.
  • Skin pigmentation.
  • The presence of papillomas, warts, cicatrixes, scars, stretch marks.

Due to the laser action, the old fibrous fibers are destroyed, the blood circulation is improved, new elastic and collagen fibers are accumulated and, thus, the following effects are achieved:

  1. Smooth wrinkles.
  2. Less noticeable scars.
  3. Improved texture and skin tone.
  4. Face lifting.

General contraindications: acute inflammation of the skin, a tendency to excessive scarring of the skin, cancer, cardiovascular and acute infectious diseases, chronic hypertensive disease.

How is the surgery performed in “Certus” clinic?

Pre-surgery examination: 1 hour.
Duration of the surgery: from 30 min. up to 1 hour. The procedure can take place on an outpatient basis (the patient goes home after the procedure) or in a clinical setting (1 day).
Anaesthesis: general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedating medications.
*Recovery period. The skin crust on the face subsides within 7-14 days. During the recovery period of the skin surface, special care with the aid of antiseptics and ointments is required. Mild skin redness lasts for about 1-2 months. During this period, the skin should be protected from sunlight, sun blocking cream with a high percentage of UV absorption should be used.
*Side effects: a temporary sensation of pain, swellings, skin redness.
*Risks: infectious complications, excessive scarring, hyperpigmentation, uneven contours.
*Result: a long-term lifting effect, improved texture and skin tone.

*The effect, result, risks, and recovery period depend on the individual peculiarities of the human body.

Consultation holds
Vasyl Pinchuk

Vasyl Pinchuk

The founder of the clinic. Plastic surgeon

Ihor Zolotarenko

Ihor Zolotarenko

Medical director, Plastic surgeon

Oleg Feyta

Oleg Feyta

Plastic surgeon


The cost of the transaction includes:
1) Operation
2) Anesthesia
3) Implants (if used)
4) Compression underwear (if used)
5) Stay in the clinic with meals, round-the-clock medical support
6) Dressings, examinations
7) Medicines
*The cost of several operations in the complex will be lower due to savings on the duration of anesthesia and stay in the clinic.
*Payments are made in hryvnias at the commercial rate of sale of PrivatBank


Название процедуры Цена (грн)
All face

800-1400 €

One zone (nose/upper lip/paraorbital/cheek/forehead)

400-800 €


250-550 €

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