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Selection of facial care products

Some day or other, every woman starts thinking how to take care of her face and skin properly. The issue concerning the choice of cosmetics comes to the foreground. It is important how and when to use cosmetics as well. The principles of regularity, sequence and consistency are very significant. Comprehensive care improves the appearance and provides prevention of skin aging.

*The effect, result, risks, and recovery period depend on the individual peculiarities of the human body.

Currently, there are dozens of cosmetic brands on the market. Information about them is controversial and it complicates the choice.

There are 4 classes of skin care products:

  • Mass market cosmetics.
  • Pharmacy cosmetics.
  • Premium cosmetics.
  • Professional cosmetics.

Mass-market products are generally available and occupy the lower price segment. These products are ineffective, as they are characterized by a low concentration of active substances or their absence. There are no sufficient tests and researches for them as well. The base of such cosmetics may contain dangerous preservative agents or toxic substances.

The composition of the pharmacy and premium cosmetics includes natural ingredients and safe preservative agents. The concentration of active ingredients here is higher than in the mass market products. Pharmacy cosmetic products hold themselves out as medical ones, they help to solve skin problems and are recommended by specialists of our clinic. The premium class cosmetics have an exquisite design and are presented in boutiques with significant extra charges for prestige. Key aspect: factories producing the same brand can manufacture products of different quality depending on the country of sale.

Professional cosmetics are the most effective from the above-mentioned ones and these products are aimed at procedures performed by a cosmetologist.

Special education is required for their use. Such products contain a high concentration of active substances, therefore, require careful selection. If beauty care product is chosen incorrectly, it can cause adverse reactions represented by redness, irritation, shedding or allergies. Manufacturers of professional products offer separate lines for skin care at home.

The cosmetologists of “Certus” clinic will help you to choose cosmetics and tell all the nuances of the usage in order to get systematic facial care. Cosmetics become an effective tool in keeping the youth of the skin only in case of a responsible way of use.

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Svitlana Rohal

Svitlana Rohal

Dermatologist & Cosmetologist



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Primary consultation with a dermatologist-cosmetologist

500 UAH

Consultation with a dermatologist-cosmetologist repeated

350 UAH

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