Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a surgery aimed to correct the eyelids and eyes area by means of the excision of excess skin and fat deposits, muscle tightening. Blepharoplasty allows to achieve a rejuvenating effect, as well as change the natural incision and shape of the eyes (canthoplasty).

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Upper Blepharoplasty at Certus Clinic [2019]
Eyelid surgery. Review of a Certus Clinic Patient [2019]
Blepharoplasty before and after

Blepharoplasty before and after

*The effect, result, risks, and recovery period depend on the individual peculiarities of the human body.

Indications for blepharoplasty

  • Overhang of the upper eyelids.
  • Sagging of the lower eyelids.
  • Fatty hernia of the eyelids (swollen eyelids, baggy eyelids).
  • Drooping of the eyebrows and corners of the eyes.
  • Severe nasolacrimal grooves.
  • Congenital defects of the eyelids.

General contraindications: cancer disease, acute infections, arterial hypertension, eye disorders, heart disease, diseased vessels, thyroid disorders, diabetes mellitus, blood-clotting disorder.

Types of the surgery

Eyelid surgery is performed in order to remove excess skin and fat, strengthen muscles, lift eyebrows and outer corners of the eyes, as well as enhance the patient’s eyes.

There are several types of surgery, depending on the surgical site:

  1. Blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids is indicated in case of overhanging upper eyelid skin, and drooping of excess skin and fat on the eyes, that is why the patient has a limited visual field. The surgery is combined with the upper eyelid muscles, eyebrow line, and forehead lifting.
  2. Blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids is performed in case of deep folds and baggy eyelids. It is required to strengthen the muscle and tighten the temporal fossa additionally.
  3. Circular blepharoplasty involves the correction of both eyelids during one surgery.
  4. Transconjunctival blepharoplasty is performed for young patients, because they do not have excess skin, by removing fat deposits. Incisions are made on a mucous membrane (conjunctiva) of the eyelid.

How is the surgery performed in “Certus” clinic?

Pre-surgery examination: 1-3 days.
Duration of the surgery: from 30 minutes up to 2 hours (depending on the blepharoplasty type. The surgery can take place on an outpatient basis (the patient goes home after the surgery) or in a clinical setting (1 day).
Anaesthesis: general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedating medications.
Incision options: in the upper eyelid crease, right under the eyelashes or on the inner lining of the lower eyelid. The incisions are sutured with the thinnest surgical threads.
*Recovery period. The sutures are removed in 4-5 days after the surgery. During the first week, it is not recommended to strain the eyes. The swells and bruises (subcutaneous hemorrhages) disappear in 1-2 weeks. It is allowed to apply light makeup in 10-14 days. The primary result of the surgery is estimated in 2-3 weeks and the final one is in a couple of months.
*Side effects: tearing, temporary swellings, bruises, a sensation of pain in the eyes area, photophobia.
*Risks: sustainable healing process, infectious complications, conjunctivitis, eye asymmetry, the impossibility of complete eyelid closure.
*Result: medium or long-term, the duration of the result depends on the features of the human organism and its insenescence.

*The effect, result, risks, and recovery period depend on the individual peculiarities of the human body.

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Vasyl Pinchuk

Vasyl Pinchuk

The founder of the clinic. Plastic surgeon

Oleg Tkach

Oleg Tkach

CEO of the clinic. Plastic surgeon

Vadym Zamkovoi

Vadym Zamkovoi

Head of department, Plastic surgeon

Ihor Zolotarenko

Ihor Zolotarenko

Medical director, Plastic surgeon

Anton Podorozhnii

Anton Podorozhnii

Maxillofacial surgeon. Plastic surgeon

Olga Zhygunova

Olga Zhygunova

Plastic Surgeon


Procedure Price



upper eyelid plastic simple

700-900 €

plastic upper eyelid complex

900-1000 €

upper eyelid plasty with brow lift

1300-1500 €

upper eyelid repair with ptosis correction

1400-1600 €

lower eyelid plasty (transconjunctival blepharoplasty)

700-900 €

plastic surgery of the lower eyelids (transconjunctival) with the movement of fat

1100-1300 €

plastic of lower eyelids percutaneous simple

700-900 €

lower eyelid plasty (medium complexity)

800-1000 €

lower eyelid plasty (high complexity)

1000-1300 €

lower eyelid plasty with fat repositioning to midface

1500-1700 €

lower eyelid plasty with mid facelift

2500-3000 €

canthopexy (eye corners) as a component of blepharoplasty

400-500 €

canthopexy (eye corners)

500-700 €

canthoplasty (eye corners) as a component of blepharoplasty

500-700 €

canthoplasty (eye corners)

700-900 €

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What examination and analyzes are necessary?

Do you have to undergo examinations or tests before the procedure / operation?

You can go through a laboratory examination before the procedure / operation in our clinic, or at the place of residence, depending on the type of anesthesia.

If the operation will be carried out under general anesthesia, then you need to pass the following tests:

1. PCR test for COVID-19
2. General blood and urine tests.
3. Blood test for sugar.
4. Blood type and Rh factor.
5. Coagulogram (blood coagulation).
6. Biochemical blood test.
7. Blood test for the Australian antigen, hepatitis “C”, HIV.
8. The reaction of Wasserman.
9. Electrocardiogram.
10. The conclusion of the therapist.
11. Certificate of fluorography.
12. For women – a certificate from a gynecologist.

If the operation will be performed under local anesthesia, then you need to pass the following tests:

1. Complete blood count (with formula) + platelets.
2. Blood test for sugar.
3. The coagulation time.
4. Blood test for the Australian antigen, hepatitis “C”, HIV.
5. General analysis of urine.
6. Blood type.
7. Certificate of fluorography.
8. Electrocardiogram.

The cost of the examination in our clinic is 100-150 €

Is anesthesia included in the cost of the service?

The cost of anesthesia is not included in the cost of the procedure and is paid separately depending on its type and time of its action.

1. General short-term anesthesia (up to 2 hours) – 200 €
2. Each subsequent hour of general anesthesia additionally – 100 €
3. Intravenous anesthesia – 200 €
4. Local anesthesia – 100 €

After the operation, can I stay at your rehabilitation clinic?

The postoperative period you can spend in our hospital, this service is paid separately – from 100 € to 200 € per day.

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