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Safety is the main priority of ""Certus"" clinic. Clients trust us for more than 20 years . Responsible approach to health and beauty of our patients helped us to earn the trust. There could be some sequelae after plastic surgery, so our task is to minimize such risks.
We take all the necessary steps to minimize the risks at the preparatory stage of the surgery as well as during the recovery period. While choosing a method of surgery, both the results of the examination and possible consequences of using a particular surgical treatment are taken into account. Modern low-trauma methods allow not only shorten the wounds healing period and the likelihood of side effects, but also to avoid complications.
Our surgeons take efforts to improve the safety of plastic surgeries both in practice and scientific field. They implement new plastic techniques actively and study the consequences of their use, as well as present the results of their researches and gathered experience in scientific works and publications.
Following the safety principle in plastic surgery, we expect the same serious approach from our patient. Compliance with the treatment plan and doctor recommendations as well as cooperation at all stages of post surgery recovery help to achieve the desired results.


Plastic surgeries involve changes in appearance. They can be either minor or relate to extensive face and body changes. For a patient such actions are always associated with emotional experience and concerns about the success of the surgery.
A staff of ""Certus"" clinic is aware of all the subtleties of plastic surgery and the difficulties which the patient faces with. Our staff create the most comfortable conditions for patients, providing a warm atmosphere, attention and care.
Rejuvenation and appearance correction are processes that require time, patience and efforts from the patient. Taking into account the importance of positive emotions and confidence in success, a happiness manager works in the clinic. He provides psychological support to the patient, helps to stay in a positive mood, identify and strengthen the motivation impeled to use the services of a plastic surgeon.


To look more beautiful and younger is not the only goal of a plastic surgery. Naturalness is equally important. The best result of the plastic surgery is to get improved forms of a face or a body that the patient and his surroundings perceive as natural ones. To look more beautiful and younger is not the only goal of a plastic surgery. Naturalness is equally important. The best result of the plastic surgery is to get improved forms of a face or a body that the patient and his surroundings perceive as natural ones.
Fear of artificiality is one of the most common causes why people refuse to do the plastic surgery. We realize there could be such a risk that is why all surgeries at ""Certus"" clinic are carried out in such a way, that surgical operations provide results that are difficult to distinguish from natural ones. At the same time, surgeons of our clinic always take into account patients' wishes.
Skin preparation before the surgery and skin recovery after it help to achieve the positive impact of plastics. Minimally invasive and cosmetic procedures that are used at the preparatory and restorative stages are aimed at improving blood circulation and activating skin healing process. As a result, such procedures help to get the best results, natural appearance of the face and body.

We are a team of professionals
who love their work.

Vasyl Pinchuk

Founder and Head of the clinic. Plastic Surgeon

Director of the clinic. MD. Professor. Surgeon of the highest category.

Professor in the department of burns and plastic surgery in post-graduate National Medical Academy named after Shupik (Kiev).

Director of the "Kiev Municipal Center of Plastic Microsurgery and Aesthetic Medicine CERTUS " private clinic.

President of Ukrainian association of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons.

Member of Russian society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons.

Doctor of medicine, surgeon of the highest category. Author of 210 scientific publications

Vadim Zamkovoy

Chief doctor. Plastic Surgeon

(Русский) Врач-хирург первой категории частной клиники «Киевский городской центр пластической микрохирургии и эстетической медицины «Цертус».

Врач-хирург городского центра пластической микрохирургии и хирургии кисти Киевской городской клинической больницы № 3.

Сертифицированный член Всеукраинской ассоциации пластических, реконструктивных и эстетических хирургов.

Стаж работы по специальности – 24 года.

Oleg Tkach

Plastic Surgeon

PhD. National secretary of international society of aesthetic plastic surgery (ISAPS).
Member of Ukrainian Association of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons.
Member of international confederation for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery (IPRAS).
Member of international society of plastic regenerative surgery (ISPRES).

Igor Zolotarenko

Maxillofacial, Plastic Surgeon. Implantologist

(Русский) Член Всеукраинской ассоциации пластических и реконструктивных хирургов.

Челюстно-лицевой, пластический хирург, имплантолог.

Стаж работы по специальности – 10 лет.

Alexey Zhuravel


(Русский) Хирургическая специальность: хирург-отоларинголог, пластический хирург.
Член Европейского ринологического общества.
Член Всеукраинской ассоциации пластических, реконструктивных и эстетических хирургов.

Автор 12 опубликованных научных работ.

Стаж работы по специальности – 6 лет.

Svetlana Rogal

Dermatologist. Cosmetologist

(Русский) Член Международной ассоциации медицины антистарения.
Член Украинской ассоциации эстетической медицины.

Общий врачебный стаж – 13 лет.
Стаж работы по специальности – 6 лет.

Why Certus



One of the First Private Clinics in Ukraine



The only one educational base in Ukraine where state upgrading courses for doctors in facial surgery are conducted.



The Clinic is located on the territory of a multi-field hospital, that ensures the completeness of medical care and guarantees patient safety.



The founder and head of the clinic is the President of the Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.



We work on our own developments, implement them into international practice (publications in specialized editions, scientific works, patents).



Due to extensive experience and high professionalism of our doctors the duration of patient's time under anesthesia and the rehabilitation period are reduced by more than 30%.

About our Work in Figures


Years of Practice


Clients served


Successful Plastic Surgeries


Cosmetology services provided


Scientific Publications of Our Doctors


Patents for inventions of our Surgeons

Stages of Clinic Development


The clinic was opened


The technology of laser skin resurfacing was introduced.


The technology of minimally invasive endoscopic facial rejuvenating surgery was implemented.


The list of services provided was supplemented with ENT services.


Cosmetology appeared in the list of services as an important component of preparation and rehabilitation process.


The Clinic became an educational base for postgraduate education of doctors in Plastic Surgery.


The founder and director of the clinic became a president of the Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.


Dentistry Department was opened.


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