Surgical stomatologyis a section of dentistry, which specializes in the surgical treatment of diseases of the oral cavity.

The surgical stomatology is presented by directions such as:

  • Removing of teeth (retouched, dystopic):

    In modern surgical stomatology the removal of teeth is a last measure, which the doctor applies in cases of considerable destruction of tooth tissues if the restoration is impossible. Wrong teeth position, brings to violations all tooth-maxillary system and is the cause of the formation of an incorrect bite of teeth, leads to traumatization of soft tissues and the formation of the inflammation center.

  • Operations of dental preserving:

    Today, one of the main purposes of dentistry is the preservation of teeth. Therefore, dental-preserving surgeries are a priority for surgical dentistry. Operative treatment of acute inflammatory processes (periosteal abscess, acute pericoronaritis). To the emergence of abscesses can lead to complications of certain diseases and pathologies of the teeth, such as caries, incorrect bite, and wearing incorrectly manufactured dentures. Treatment of abscesses is their opening and the appointment of antibiotic therapy course.

  • Cystectomy with resection of the tooth root apex.

    The formation of cysts in the top of a tooth root, is a consequence of chronic inflammation in the canal of the tooth in cases of inadequately performed endodontic treatment or complications of caries. In cases when conservative treatment of cyst does not lead to success, it is necessary to do rapid treatment, which involves the excision of the cyst shell and removal the apex tooth root.

  • Plastic surgery of bridles.

    Indications for the plastic correction are: the anomalies of attachment, the shape bridles of the lips and tongue. Otherwise, this pathology will interfere with infant breastfeedin. But in a more adult age – will become the reason of violations of the speech and a bite of teeth. Plastic surgery the bridle of lips and tongue is a minimally invasive operation aimed at the restoring normal nutrition, breathing and speech function of the patient, preventing the formation an incorrect bite and periodontal diseases in the future.

  • Surgical lengthening the crown part of tooth

    During this operation, is released the necessary amount of subgingival tooth tissues is released and formed a new gingival contour.

  • Gingivoplasty.

    This operation is performed with a view to the aesthetic and structural improvement of gum tissues. Performed to equalize the height of the gums, with the aim to remove excess tissues and improve the structure of the tissue, for an esthetic smile.

  • Alveoloplasty.

    This is an operation that allows to correctly form of an alveolar crest in case of its atrophy. At various defects or injuries before the preceding prosthesis.

  • Vestibuloplasty, or plastic surgery of the vestibule of oral cavity

    This is a corrective operation aimed at increasing the area between the gums and inner part of the cheeks and lips. A small vestibule is not only a cosmetic defect. It is characterized by a big tension of the gum, which leads to varying degrees of open necks, teeth roots, and gums bleeding.

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Zolotarenko Igor Olegovich

Zolotarenko Igor Olegovich

Head of the Dental Department of Certus Medical Center


Procedure Price


Tooth extraction

≥ 450 UAN

Atypical tooth extraction

≥1600 UAN

Removing the 8th tooth

≥ 1000 UAN

Removing a baby tooth

200 UAN

Surgical lengthening of the clinical crown of a tooth

1100 UAN

Treatment of the alveolitis

≥ 210 UAN

Periostotomy, opening of abscess

360 UAN

Removing the mucosal-periosteal "hood"

≥ 370 UAN

Resection of the root of the tooth

≥ 3700 UAN

Plasticity of the frenum of the lip

≥ 780 UAN

Oral vestibulation

≥ 1870 UAN

Plastic Frenzy Language

≥ 1050 UAN

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