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Dental surgery is a separate section of dentistry, which involves the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity with the help of surgical techniques. A surgeon practicing in dentistry field copes with a wide range of tasks. In addition to teeth removal, this expert is engaged in the preservation and reconstruction of the teeth, the regeneration of the bone, the elimination of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity.

*The effect, result, risks, and recovery period depend on the individual peculiarities of the human body.

Tooth extraction

Sometimes it is impossible to retain a tooth, so it has to be removed. Tooth cracks and injuries, deep caries, inflammation of the gums around the tooth, as well as teeth loosening can lead to an irreversible state.

Very often tooth decay leads to teeth extraction. It escalates into pulpitis, and then in periodontitis. There is nothing to preserve when the root is affected, so it is necessary to remove the bad tooth.

Also, patients often ask to remove the 8th tooth, which is known as the wisdom tooth. The most frequent indication for this is the absence of enough space for a tooth. It either comes to the cheek, injuring its mucous membrane, or presses the adjacent tooth, which causes quick tooth decay formation in this place.

We remove impacted (embedded) and partially impacted teeth at our clinic as well.

Removal of cysts and tumors

If there is an infection in the oral cavity for a long time, especially chronic inflammation in the nerve canal, this often leads to the development of capsular tumors with the pus, cysts, granulomas. They do not always provoke pain feelings, but can convey the infection to the maxillary sinuses, and lead to the destruction of the bone tissue. Antibiotics and other drugs are actually helpless in such cases. Dental surgery is a different story. Due to surgical intervention, removal of cysts and tumors is carried out successfully.

Resection of the root tip

This procedure belongs to tooth-preserving techniques. Among the indications for this procedure may be the formation of tooth decay or cyst in the root apex. The cyst may appear due to extensive caries, improperly provided endodontic treatment, chronic inflammation in the nerve canal. If conservative treatment of a cyst has not given the desired effect, the removal of the root tip would be performed.

Treatment of alveolitis

Alveolitis is an inflammatory infection of the cavity formed in the gum after tooth extraction. The reasons for this phenomenon may be different:

  • food particles in the wound;
  • poor oral hygiene;
  • nonobservance of asepsis during tooth extraction;
  • untreated tooth decay in adjacent teeth.

The patient faces with intense pain in the affected part of the gums or even the entire half of the face, hypersalivation. The body temperature rises up to subfebrile indicators. There are severe fatigue and a number of other unpleasant symptoms as well.

During treatment, the surgeon carries out mechanical cleansing of the cavity, washes away the remaining pus from it, uses anesthetics and analgesics to reduce pain. Antibiotics may also be required.


Periosteotomy is a surgery involving incision of the periosteum (layer of dense connective tissue that covers the surface of a bone) and its partial separation from the bone. This procedure refers to tooth-preserving surgeries and is assigned in the following cases:

  • The need for the outflow of the pus, which is produced in the area of inflammation. The surgery is carried out in case of dental abscess.
  • Сreation of access to the jaw bone. In this case, the intervention is needed to perform bone grafting of the jaws or sinus lifting.

When the pus is removed, the surgeon places a drainage tube (a piece of rubber tube) in the incision to make the rest of the pus come out and not accumulate in the soft tissues. After a certain time, the surgeon removes the drainage tube and prescribes antibiotics to the patient. It may be necessary to use mouth rinsing with antiseptic solutions aimed to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Labial and lingual frenectomy

In the case of anomalies of the tongue and lips frenulum, it is recommended to correct them with the help of surgery. A newborn with such pathology has problems during feeding. In later years, speech and bite disorders, as well as periodontal disease occur for this reason. In such a way, the plastic surgery of the tongue and lips frenulums is directed at restoring normal breathing, nutrition, and speech functions through minimally invasive surgery.

Dental plastic surgery

Oral plastic surgery provides a number of procedures:

  • Alveoplasty. Due to this intervention, the gingival crest is well-formed before the denture treatment, if it is atrophied, injured or there are defects.
  • Vestibuloplasty. This surgery helps to increase the space between the gums and the interior of the lips and cheeks. The small vestibule of the mouth is not only a cosmetic defect but also a more serious problem. Due to the excessive tension of the gums, there are bleeding, the exposure of the dental necks and roots.
  • Gingivoplasty. This procedure is carried out with the aim to improve the structural condition and aesthetics of the gums. During the surgery, a doctor removes the excess tissues, relines the gingival height, restores the normal structure of the tissue.

“Certus” clinic performs various types of dental surgeries. Our experts treat diseases and eliminate pathological conditions in an integrated way, which allows us to cope with any problems successfully.

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Ihor Zolotarenko

Ihor Zolotarenko

Medical director, Plastic surgeon

Anton Podorozhnii

Anton Podorozhnii

Maxillofacial surgeon. Plastic surgeon



Название процедуры Цена (грн)

300 UAH

Consultation on a treatment plan

550 UAH

Tooth extraction

2200 UAH

Atypical tooth extraction

4200 UAH

Extraction of the 8th tooth I cat.

2600 UAH

Extraction of the 8th tooth II cat.

3200 UAH

Extraction of a milk tooth

750 UAH

Intervention on the alveolar process of the jaw

1750 UAH

Removal of an oral neoplasm

3800 UAH

Surgical lengthening of a clinical tooth crown

2000 UAH

Socket curettage

500 UAH


650 UAH

Removal of the muco-periosteal "hood"

1200 UAH

Amputation of the tooth root

2300 UAH

Resection of the apex of the tooth root

7500 UAH

Plastic surgery of the frenulum of the lip

1800 UAH

Periostotomy, opening of abscess

1500 UAH

Vestibuloplasty in the area of one segment of the jaw without autograft

3500 UAH

Vestibuloplasty in the area of one segment of the jaw with an autograft

6400 UAH

Plastic surgery of the frenulum of the tongue

2400 UAH

Elimination of gum recession I cat.

6000 UAH

Elimination of gingival recession II cat.

8000 UAH

Gingivectomy in the area of the 1st tooth

500 UAH

Removal of sutures

300 UAH

Alveogyl dressing

350 UAH

Septo-pack dressing

600 UAH

Use of A-PRF membrane/stopper

1800 UAH

Use of an additional A-PRF membrane/stopper

600 UAH

Compactosteotomy I cat.

1800 UAH

Cat. II compactosteotomy

3200 UAH

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