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Face Plastic Surgery – 30%
Special offers

Face Plastic Surgery – 30%

Face Plastic Surgery – 30%

We’ve got a Special offer you`ve been waiting for!

You can get a special offer only until the end of summer at Certus Clinic.

Different types of facial plastic surgery 30% OFF:

Additional BONUS – consultation – our surgeons will share all the details of the surgery and answer all questions you’ve got.

Additional cost: examination (including COVID-19 test), anesthesia and ward stay.

IMPORTANT! The following surgeons are available during promo-offer:

  1. Ihor Zolotarenko, maxillofacial  plastic surgeon, 10 +  years of experience
  2. Olga Zhygunova, plastic surgeon, 14+  years of experience
  3. Oleksii Zhuravel, otorhinolaryngologist, plastic surgeon, 9 years of experience
  4. Anton Podorozhnii, maxillofacial, plastic surgeon, 17 + years of experience

See details of special offer in table below:

Blepharoplasty Price *-30% Discount Price incl. Special offer
upper eyelid plastic simple 28080 -8424 19656
plastic upper eyelid complex 31200 -9360 21840
lower eyelid plasty (transconjunctival blepharoplasty) 28080 -8424 19656
plastic of lower eyelids percutaneous simple 28080 -8424 19656
lower eyelid plasty (medium complexity) 31200 -9360 21840
lower eyelid plasty (high complexity) 40560 -12168 28392
lower facelift and neck lift 87500 -26250 61250
limited lower facelift 65625 -19688 45938
endoscopic lift of the upper or middle part of the face
78125 -23438 54688
endoscopic upper facelift 90625 -27188 63438
Removing lumps of Bisha 20313 -6094 14219
Otoplasty (ear auricle correction from both sides) 31250 -9375 21875


Until August 31st, 2020, you can also get augmentation surgery with 30% discount  (breast augmentation), or any other plastic surgery with 15% discount.

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