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Head physician. Surgeon of the second category
Doctor-dentist-surgeon. Head of the dental department of the Certus medical center
Otorhinolaryngologist of Certus Medical Center
Director of the clinic. MD. Professor. Surgeon of the highest category.
Врач дерматолог- косметолог
Врач дерматолог- косметолог
Врач-хирург первой категории. Кандидат медицинских наук
Врач-анестезиолог высшей категории
Anesthesiologist of the highest category
Doctor-stomatologist-therapist, orthodontist of the medical center "Certus".
Doctor-stomatologist-therapist, orthopedist of the medical center "Certus"
The doctor-stomatologist-therapeutist of the medical center "Certus"
Врач-оториноларинголог высшей категории
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