Pre-treatment and rehabilitation after the plastic surgery

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Pre-treatment and rehabilitation after the plastic surgery

Any plastic surgery requires the complex and responsible approach. The cooperation of cosmetology and surgery helps to achieve the maximum result and justify the expectations of surgical intervention. In the clinic "Certus" the doctor-cosmetologist selects the optimal program for the patient:

  • before the operation, as a preparatory stage;
  • after the plastic surgery, on the rehabilitation period.

Preparatory activities should become a pledge of improving blood circulation and good healing of the skin. They are aimed at moisturizing, nourishing the skin, giving it greater elasticity and resilience. In order to clean the skin and start the process of cell regeneration, in advance, can be performed several facial peeling seances. If the skin has inflammatory processes – can be used procedures with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects.

Methods of rehabilitation help to cope with the natural, but unpleasant, consequences after the plastic surgery and make a short the duration of the recovery period. For the patient is prescribed an individual course of cosmetology procedures, which contribute to:

  1. removal of pain;
  2. elimination the loss of sensitivity;
  3. reduction of the bruises;
  4. prevention the formation of the scars;
  5. restoration of blood circulation;
  6. fixing the obtained result.

Cosmetic procedures for patients are selected with considering the contraindications, specifics of the plastic operation and its consequences. The following methods can be assigned during the recovery period. They are next:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage;
  • Ultrasound therapy;
  • Fractional laser photothermolysis;
  • biorevitalization;
  • mesotherapy;
  • Plasmolifti
  • ng;
  • Carboxytherapy;
  • Laser therapy.

Our clinic actively applies the practice techniques of combining the surgery and cosmetology with the aim for correcting and rejuvenating externality looking of patient. Cosmetic procedures help to strengthen, prolong and improve the results after the plastic surgery. Surgeon and cosmetologist tandem is important at all the stages of patient's stay in the clinic.

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