Thread Facelift

Thread facelift or thread lifting is a non-invasive method of face rejuvenation by means of special threads. These threads are inserted into those areas of the face where it is needed to lift tissues in order to correct age-related skin changes.

Thread Facelift before and after

*The effect, result, risks, and recovery period depend on the individual peculiarities of the human body.

Needles or cannulas (needles with blunt ends) are used for threads insertion into the tissues. The threads can be absorbable (after a certain period of time) or nonabsorbable, as well as they can have various tools for fixation in tissues – barbs, notches, springs, nodules, “rackets”.

The materials used for the threads manufacturing are:

  • Prolen (polypropylene) – the smooth, inert material that is used for nonabsorbable sutures.
  • Polylactic acid – the threads made of it dissolve within 1,5-2 years.
  • Polydioxanone – the material for threads that dissolve in 2-3 months.
  • Combined threads – nonabsorbable base and absorbable cone, a capsule of connective tissues forms on its place over time.
  • Gold, platinum threads (permanent).

Indications for thread lift

  • Drooping cheekbones.
  • Uneven face line.
  • Sagging cheeks.
  • Wrinkles in the eye area.
  • Drooping lips corners.
  • Nasolabial folds.
  • Drooping outer edges of the eyebrows.
  • Double chin.

General contraindications: cancer, chronic hypertensive disease, diabetes mellitus, blood-clotting disorder, the presence of permanent fillers in the tissues, recent plastic surgeries performed in the areas of the planned correction.

How is the procedure performed in “Certus” clinic?

Pre-procedure examination: in a short form, 1 day.
Duration of the procedure: 1-2 hours. Thread facelift in the clinic is performed on an ambulatory basis, the patient goes home after the procedure.
Anaesthesis: local anesthesia.
*Recovery period. Swellings, bruises (subcutaneous hemorrhages) and other side effects subside within 1-2 weeks after the procedure.
*Side effects: temporary swellings, bruisings, waviness, slight unevenness of the skin surface, retractions may appear in the places where the threads enter.
*Result: medium or long-term, the duration of the result depends on the thread type.

*The effect, result, risks, and recovery period depend on the individual peculiarities of the human body.

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Podorozhnii Anton Vladimirovich

Podorozhnii Anton Vladimirovich

Щелепно-лицевий, пластичний хірург


Procedure Price



Thread facelift

490 €

Nose correction

370 €

Extra thread for facelift

50 €

Extra thread for facelift reinforced

95 €

Wrinkle repair, 1 single thread

15 €

Wrinkle repair, 1 double thread

30 €

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What examination and analyzes are necessary?

Do I need to undergo examinations or tests before the procedure / operation?

Laboratory examination before the procedure / operation you can pass in our clinic or at the place of residence, depending on the type of anesthesia.

If the operation takes place under general anesthesia, then the following tests should be taken:

1. Full blood count and urine tests.
2. Blood glucose test.
3. Blood type and Rh factor.
4. Clotting assay.
5. Biochemical blood test.
6. Blood test for HBsAg, Anti-HCV Ig(G+M), Anti-HIV ½.
7. Wasserman reaction.
8. Electrocardiogram.
9. Physician’s examination
10. Chest X-ray.
11. Gynecologist’s examination.
12. For breasts surgery – breast ultrasound examination, examination by a breast specialist.

If the operation will take place under local anesthesia, then the following tests should be taken:

1. Complete blood count (with formula) + platelets.
2. Blood glucose test.
3. Clotting assay.
4. Blood test for HBsAg, Anti-HCV Ig(G+M), Anti-HIV ½.
5. Urine test.
6. Blood type.
7. Chest X-ray.
8. Electrocardiogram.

The cost of the examination in our clinic is 50-100 $.

Anesthesia is included in the price of the service?

The cost of anesthesia is not included in the cost of the procedure and is paid separately depending on its type and duration.

1. General short-term anesthesia (up to 3 hours) - 300 $
2. Each subsequent hour of general anesthesia additionally - 100 $
3. Intravenous anesthesia - 200 $
4. Local anesthesia - 100 $

After surgery, will I be able to stay in your clinic?

The postoperative period you can spend in our clinic. This service is paid separately - from 100 $ up to 200 $ per day.

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