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Orthodontics is a section of dentistry that allows patients at any age to get a healthy, beautiful smile and a proper bite (closing of teeth). Orthodontic treatment - requires the high, professional qualifications. Correction of the bite provides an even distribution of the load on teeth, which allows less rub off the teeth, which is the prevention of joint diseases of the jaws.

Orthodontics for adults with the help of certified systems (sapphire, ceramic, metal), allows to get an unsurpassed results. With the advent of self-ligating bracket systems, orthodontics has become a short and comfortable procedure.

Children's orthodontics from 6 years (orthotropy) allows without braces and without removalof the teeth to solve problems with bite (removable and non-removable orthodontic apparatus).

Prices of treatments
Consultation of an orthodontist 150
Consultation of an orthodontist with the analysis of OPTG, diagnostic models and preparation of a treatment plan. 450
Orthodontic device Bioblock 3000
An orthodontic device with a screw 3500
Orthodontic apparatus of double-jaw action Twin Block 5500
Multifunctional Trainer 3000
Fixation of metal braces (one jaw) 10500
Fixation of ceramic braces (one jaw) 12500
Fixation of sapphire braces (one jaw) 12500
Fixing self-ligating brackets (one jaw) 15000
Elainers 13000
Diagnostics and Treatment Plan for Alainers 1500
A non-removable six-tooth retarder 1050
Removing the braces, polishing the teeth 750
Professional oral hygiene using a bracket system 840
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