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Whitening - refersto aesthetic therapy - a change in the color of teeth and make them more whiter at the shades of white color.

    • Duration of the procedure. To get the effect, one procedure is enough, which will not take you more than one hour.
    • The whitening gel includes the necessary ingredients that do not contribute to detrimental effects on hard tooth tissues.
    • Long-term effect. The effect of bleaching after the procedure is maintained up to six months, and with careful observance of the recommendations can be preserved for a long time.
    • Notable effect. With this type of bleaching, teeth can become up to 10 shades whiter on the VITA color scale.
    • Professional cleaning of the oral cavity before bleaching is highly recommended.
    • Also pour the effect can home bleaching, appointed by a doctor strictly according to the indications!
Prices of treatments
Professional Teeth Whitening 2350
Making a kappa for home whitening, re-therapy from 650
Endo bleaching 530
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