Selection cosmetics for the face care

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Selection cosmetics for the face care

Sooner or later, every woman begins seriously think about how properly care of the face and take care of the skin. Question of choice cosmetics comes to the fore. It's important how and when use the cosmetics. The principles of regularity, consistency, and systematicity are very important. Complex care improves the appearance of the face and provides prevention of skin aging.

Today, dozens of cosmetic brands are represented on the market. Information about them is contradictory, and this complicates the choice. There are 4 classes of skin care products:

  • mass market cosmetics;
  • chemist's cosmetics;
  • premium cosmetics;
  • Professional cosmetics.

The mass market products are generally available and occupy the lower price segment. It is ineffective, since it is characterized by a low concentration of active substances . The base of such cosmetics can contain dangerous preservatives or toxic substances.

The composition of pharmacy and premium cosmetics includes natural ingredients and safe preservatives. The concentration of active ingredients is higher than in the mass market. Pharmacy cosmetics positions itself as therapeutic, to solve skin problems. The premium class has an exquisite design and its on sale in boutiques with a high mark-up for prestige. An important point: factories for production the same brand can produce products of different quality depending implementation the final country.

Professional cosmetics is the most effective of the above and is designed for procedures at the cosmetologist. To apply it, is necessary to have a special education. It contains a high concentration of active substances, and therefore demands careful selection. If the makeup chosen not correctly, it can cause secondary reactions in the form of redness, irritation, flaking or allergies. Producers of professional cosmetics offer special lines of facial care at home.

Doctors-beauticians of medical center Cetrus, will help choose the cosmetics and tell all nuances of their using with a view to systemic face care. Only in the case of a responsible approach to the cosmetics using, it becomes an effective tool in maintaining the skin youthfulness.

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