Surgery of the parathyroid glands

Surgery of the parathyroid glands

For the full functioning of the human body, it is necessary to maintain metabolic processes of life, which are based on hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters. In this process, the role of the organs that produce active substances is important, and any failure in their work can provoke an imbalance in the general balance in the body, which is dangerous with the development of various consequences.
One of these important organs is the parathyroid glands, which are located next to the thyroid gland. In total, a person has four parathyroid glands, the full functioning of which is responsible for the health of many body systems.

*The effect, result, risks, and recovery period depend on the individual peculiarities of the human body.

A key function of the parathyroid glands is the production of a hormone that regulates the concentration of calcium in the blood. Maintaining the balance of calcium is very important for the body, since it is a necessary element of the blood coagulation system, affects the strength of bones and teeth, promotes the activation of the action of many enzymes, transmits impulses along the nerve pathways.

Responsible for the level of calcium, the parathyroid glands, when it is lacking in the body, produce parathyroid hormone, which regulates the metabolic processes of this trace element. Accordingly, thanks to the parathyroid glands, the body maintains a balance of calcium, which is one of the main factors for its normal functioning.

In some cases, dysfunction of this organ may occur: a decrease (hypoparathyroidism) or an increase (hyperparathyroidism) of the function of the parathyroid glands. Any deviation is accompanied by certain symptoms.

A comprehensive examination is carried out at the Certus Medical Center, which allows identifying the problem and prescribing an appropriate course of treatment. Surgery of the parathyroid glands is performed only if there are confirmed indications. In some cases, drug therapy does not give the desired effect, and only surgery allows you to get on the path of complete recovery.

Indications for surgery

Under the influence of certain factors, the functioning of one or more parathyroid glands is impaired. As a result, there may be an increase or decrease in calcium levels, which leads to the development of various consequences.

With hypoparathyroidism, the calcium level decreases, which is manifested by the following symptoms: muscle cramps, hair loss, fragility of the nail plate, dry skin. Patients may observe a violation of the nervous system: irritability, headache attacks, frequent mood swings.

An operation on the parathyroid glands is prescribed when the organ provokes an excessive release of parathyroid hormone. An enlargement of the gland itself is observed and the diagnosis is made – hyperparathyroidism, which is characterized by the manifestation of the following symptoms:

  • discomfort and pain in the stomach, attacks of nausea, vomiting;
  • increased thirst, lack of appetite;
  • weight loss;
  • frequent urge to use the toilet;
  • changeable psycho-emotional state;
  • muscle atrophy;
  • shortness of breath during small physical exertion;
  • palpitations, changes in the work of the heart;
  • frequent fractures;
  • feeling of general weakness;
  • soreness in bones and muscles.

In most cases, one of the four glands is affected. Rarely, pathological processes are observed in two glands at once, even less often in all four. As a rule, the disease is benign.

If hyperparathyroidism and damage to one gland are detected, it is enough to remove only the diseased organ. If, as a result of surgery, only one parathyroid gland remains, then the functioning of the organ, even in such a limited form, may be sufficient for the production of parathyroid hormone in the required amount.

The use of surgical intervention as a method of treatment is prescribed for the formation of a tumor of the parathyroid gland. Depending on the features of the tumor and the nature of the disease, only the tumor or the entire gland can be removed.

Diagnostic examination before surgery

To establish an accurate diagnosis and determine the general health of the patient, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive diagnostic examination.

The main role in the diagnosis of abnormalities in the work of the parathyroid glands is played by the results of laboratory tests, where the level of calcium, hormones, sugar and other indicators is determined. The following tests are required:

  • detailed detailed analysis, with the definition of the group and Rh factor, the content of vitamin “D”, blood sugar, electrolytes;
  • general urinalysis; 
  • electrocardiogram;
  • Thyroid and abdominal ultrasound;
  • chest x-ray.

You may need to consult narrowly focused doctors – gastroenterologist, cardiologist, ENT, nephrologist. Women should take a health report from a gynecologist.

Parathyroid gland: surgery

The operation of the parathyroid glands is performed under general anesthesia. A few hours before the surgery, you should refrain from eating (not eating on the day of surgery).

The method of surgery depends on the number of affected glands. Today, the most popular method is removal through a small incision – parathyroidectomy. This can remove portions of the gland or the entire organ. The duration of the operation is up to one and a half hours. The patient is discharged from the hospital two days after the operation.

As with any surgical intervention, there are contraindications to the operation of the parathyroid glands. For example, exacerbation of a chronic disease, life-threatening pathologies in the body, and others. The doctor must identify these factors and suggest alternative methods of treatment.

It is very important to carry out the operation in a timely and competent manner and remove the unhealthy tissue of the gland. This can only be done by an experienced surgeon. In addition, appropriate hardware is required.

The Certus Medical Center employs only qualified specialists who use modern surgical techniques with minimal risk of complications. The patients of the clinic, having solved the problem, return to their usual rhythm of life in a short time.

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Shlyahtich Serhii

Shlyahtich Serhii

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Adenoma removal / parathyroid resection

11500 UAH

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What examination and analyzes are necessary?

Do you need to undergo examinations or tests before the procedure / operation?

You can undergo laboratory examination before the procedure / operation in our clinic, or at your place of residence.

The operation takes place under general anesthesia, the following tests must be passed:

1. PCR test for COVID-19
2. General blood and urine tests.
3. Blood sugar test.
4. Blood group and Rh factor.
5. Coagulogram (blood for clotting).
6. Biochemical blood test.
7. Blood electrolytes (K, Na, Ca ionized).
8. TSH.
9. T3free, T4free with suppressed blood TSH.
10. Blood test for Australian antigen, hepatitis “C”, HIV.
11. Wasserman reaction.
12. Electrocardiogram.
13. The conclusion of the therapist.
14. Fluorogram or X-ray.
15. For women – the conclusion from the gynecologist.

Examination cost in our clinic – 200 €

Is anesthesia included in the cost of the service?

The cost of anesthesia is not included in the cost of the procedure and is paid separately depending on its type and time of its action.

1. General short-term anesthesia (up to 2 hours) – 200 €
2. Each subsequent hour of general anesthesia additionally – 100 €
3. Intravenous anesthesia – 200 €

After the operation, can I stay at your clinic for rehabilitation?

You can spend the postoperative period in our hospital, this service is paid separately – from 100 € to 200 € per day.

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